Praise from Our Employees

As always, I am a proud employee of VPS! I appreciate the support, guidance, and follow-ups when needed. | T Renee Pettigrew

Everyone at Vanguard is always so helpful. My placement is great and things are going well. | Katie

Things are going well with my placement. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be able to earn some extra income and it has been very helpful. My experience with VPS has been great from my first contact to my placement. The process was very easy and everything was explained well. | Melissa

I really appreciate the opportunity I have to serve Foster families and their foster children in their home. All VPS staff have been sweet and kind….. very easy to work with. | Joanne

I have had nothing but positive interactions with VPS. Would definitely recommend. Everyone has been very nice and helpful when needed. | Tinika

Thank you so much for checking in.  First and foremost I have to tell you that I am so impressed with VPS and its employees.  Whenever I have a question or concern, no matter when or what time, I get a very quick response.  That, to me, shows such dedication and professionalism. So, thank you for that!! Each of my placements have been good.  I have had no serious concerns or I would have contacted your office.  As to be expected, each of them has been different due to the way their agency’s process but it is definitely manageable.  If there is a formal survey that you need to complete just let me know. | Jennifer

Praise from Partnering Agencies

Over the past few months Vanguard Professional Staffing has been invaluable to our Department in providing trained, skilled, temporary staff to maintain monthly visits with children in our custody placed in foster homes, group homes, and other facilities around the state. Many of their team members have social work degrees and more child welfare experience than our own staff.

Without the resources provided by VPS our agency would not have been able to effectively serve our foster youth. In calculating time and mileage, the cost is actually less than if our own staff made the visits. Reports of visits have all been thorough and we have been alerted of any issues needing our attention.

VPS workers have made contact with our supervisors promptly regarding issues needing immediate attention. The billing process is simple and easy to manage. VPS managers recruit excellent workers and are closely engaged with us to assure that the process runs smoothly. I strongly recommend that other counties consider VPS to meet your social work staffing needs. We could not make it through this difficult time without them. | Wayne E. Black, Interim Director, Surry County DSS

Swain County DSS has had an on-going collaboration with Vanguard for over 10 years. We have utilized their temporary staff in several different capacities. The various services we have used include the monthly Foster Care, face to face visits for children placed greater distances from the agency, traveling social workers for CPS, APS and Permanency Planning, and a virtual IMC for Medicaid. Vanguard has been a great asset to the agency’s staffing deficiencies. The staff has been very helpful in trouble shooting ideas to engage workers to eliminate a gap in services until a position could be filled. Over the years we have had a couple of Vanguard’s temporary staff become permanent to our agency. I would highly recommend a partnership with Vanguard. | Bree Clawson, Director, Swain County Department of Social Services