Vanguard Professional Staffing, Inc. provides creative, proactive, cost-effective solutions to workforce issues.

We are in the business of improving the long-term effectiveness and efficiencies of the workforce in human services. We help you get the most from limited budgets. And we keep your service delivery to your customers as a top priority, as we intimately understand your systems and their complexities.

We have staffed:

  • Vacant caseloads due to turnover or leaves of absence
  • Periods of peak demand
  • Program start-up
  • Excessive service demand with no new permanent positions
  • Call center operations
  • VIRTUAL STAFFING – in services and eligibility
  • Temp-to-perm opportunities
  • Specialized consultants
  • Targeted service needs
  • Full-time or part-time staffing options
  • Contracting on an initial trial basis to test the “fit” of an employee for permanency
  • Training – both program and knowledge/skills

We are experienced in providing services in Administration, Management, Social Work, Eligibility, Behavioral Healthcare, Counseling, Therapy, Child Support, Training, Supervised Visitation, and In-Home Services.

We Also Offer:

We offer you LOW-RISK WORKFORCE ALTERNATIVES. We take care of recruitment, screening, referencing, and credentialing. The professional is our employee, covered under our PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE. If you are not satisfied with the employees performance, we work with you to problem-solve. If that is not successful, we will promptly remove the employee and seek immediate replacement.

Your Cost:

The most common method is a pre-arranged fee per hour for each professional placed with you, based on the position classification and qualifications you want of the professional. These hourly employees keep weekly time sheets.

Our creativity extends to our pricing options. We have successfully worked within existing and limited agency budgets to create the right solution.

Valuing Satisfied Customers and Employees

We constantly recruit professionals for our candidate database, including:

  • Licensed, Provisionally Licensed, MSW, and BSW social workers, both new and seasoned
  • Case Managers
  • Trained and experienced eligibility workers
  • Child Support staff
  • Professionals with human services experience and/or degrees
  • Practitioners with supervisory and administrative experience

We do targeted recruitment for specific needs and marketing of professionals to agencies. Our quality assurance program is based on ensuring customers’ satisfaction. We bring contemporary solutions to human services agencies, creating cooperative, results-oriented workforce products.

It’s Never Been a Better Time to Work for Us!

  • Flexible work opportunities
  • Alternatives to regular, full-time employment
  • Competitive pay and compensation arrangements
  • Opportunity to “try out” different practice settings
  • Gain work experience after graduation
  • Post-retirement work opportunities
  • Work temporary assignments while job hunting for permanent position
  • Temp-to-perm placements available
  • Opportunities to travel to assignments, if desirable
  • Earn additional income by working non-traditional hours
  • Supplement current part-time income

As our employee, you are covered under our Workers Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, and Professional Liability Insurance.
We pay the employers part of your state, federal, social security and Medicare taxes. We are available to you during your placement. Expect contact from us, and call with any problems or concerns. We want you to be satisfied! YOU ARE OUR GREATEST ASSET!


We have a simple contract procedure, and, being used to governmental contractual requirements, we’ll work with you to accommodate specific language or other requirements you may need in a contractual agreement. Once an overall contract is in place, we provide you with resumes of professionals to meet your needs. You choose the best fit. Our Quality Assurance Plan assures that you are satisfied with our services and employees.

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