We’re specialty staffing.

Vanguard Professional Staffing is the only specialty staffing company in North Carolina dedicated to serving agencies/organizations providing social work services.  Founded, owned, and continuously operated by professional social workers with public social services backgrounds, we have special emphasis on serving that sector.    

Our goal is to give you options beyond permanent staffing so you can always provide your customers with excellent service.

We find the staff you need. 

We constantly recruit social workers for temporary or contracted positions and maintain a very large database of candidates.  We have workers from all types of positions within NC Departments of Social Services.   We have particular expertise in virtual staffing, having pioneered it in DSS in 2008 and continuing it today.


We must have a contract in place with you before we can search for the right staff and send you resumes for consideration.  The length of time of the contract is up to you, but we encourage at least the time period of a fiscal year.  The contract does not bind you to accepting staff but states the terms under which we agree to relate to each other.  A separate contract addendum is executed upon actual placement of staff you select to work for you under our contract. 

We understand that governmental agencies have their own contractual rules.  We gladly work with you to meet those needs. 

Hiring our wonderful temp staff

Our contract allows you to hire staff we have placed with you after they have worked a certain number of hours under our contract.  There are buy-out provisions should you want to hire them early.