8 Ways to Hire the Right Person

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Staffing Agency NC Hiring the Right Person

Hiring the right people for your organization can make or break its future. Sometimes you become desperate, need someone quickly, and forget to vet your candidates like you should. The following are tips that will help you hire the right person for your organization.

1. Understand your company’s needs. Before interviewing professionals for the position, talk to the department’s head and others with insight on who they need to fill the position. Even if you have experience in that department it is good to get other perspectives.
2. Network with other professionals. In addition to accepting applications for vacant positions, you need to be networking with other professionals in the industry. Tell others of your need and they may send high-quality talent your way.
3. Increase your chances. Find a heavy-hitting professional staffing agency to partner with. They will increase your chances of finding that diamond in the rough.
4. Keep an open mind. Don’t automatically pass on a candidate just because they are missing a few skills you are looking for. Their ability to learn and adapt may be far more superior than others. Perhaps they could both learn the necessary skills quickly and help your company advance into new territory in the future.
5. Host multiple interviews. If someone passes the first interview, don’t just hire them, invite them back for a second interview. See if anything changes from the first interview and give others in your organization time with the candidate.
6. Compatibility is key. Hiring a person that matches your company’s culture is very important. Make sure the candidate has a great personality, is willing to be a team player, and matches the current culture at your organization.
7. Search the web. Many people, including professionals, have social media accounts. Use search engines to find social media accounts and other sites that the candidate manages. You can learn a lot from someone’s behavior online.
8. Listen for red flags. During the interview listen to the candidate answer questions about previous employers and co-workers. If they have only bad things to say about everyone this may be a huge red flag. Ask yourself, would you want this person to represent your organization in the future?
Hiring the right person to fill a position can be a time sensitive mission. With that said, keep in mind that
you should vet all of your candidates properly to make sure the right person is hired. Hiring the wrong
person can be very costly to your organization.